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Social Media & Content Marketing

Can you do it yourself? Of course you can - if you speak the language, know the strategy and then devote time to producing it. Let us help.

Digital Ads, SEO & Conversions

Digital advertising gets you instant visibility, take that traffic you get, nurture it (SEO) and turn more of it into followers, buyers... conversions.

Web Design & Development

Custom Wordpress design and development. Your vision turned into reality with the most popular Content Management System (CMS).

Building businesses with data

Drive Traffic · Convert Visitors

Drive Global Traffic

Through coordinated digital marketing campaigns, we integrate SEO, pay per click, email marketing , retargeted display advertising and social media campaigns to introduce your business to the Global market.


Convert Traffic to Sales

Through competitive analysis, we design a conversion funnel to encourage your website visitors to become loyal customers. This includes everything from a purchase, a reservation or a requested quote.


Our Capabilities

Fast · Responsive · Organized

Business Strategy

Success in the digital world.

UI / UX Design

Relevant and engaging design.

Social Media

Owned and paid media.


Engage with a global audience.

Data Science

Predict patterns of behavior.


Drive long-term engagements.


Mahalo for believing in us

Making Hawaii better, one site at a time.


Ted Saihara - Lead Digital Strategist

Yoko Kaito - Lead Content Strategist

Hiroyuki Tanaka - Senior Web Engineer


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